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Classes are now being held at the JS Bach Academy of Music at Bethany Lutheran Church and School, 1550 Modaff Rd. The Bach Academy is a community music school offering programs to people of all ages, proficiencies, and backgrounds. The Bach Academy is home to the Naperville Youth Symphony Orchestra, NYSO Chamber Ensembles, Bach Academy Viols,Tuition-Free School Choir, and they offer lessons on a variety of instruments and voice. For more information, visit the Bach Academy here.




ChildsPlay Creative Arts  

Early Childhood Music Classes



Serving young children and their families in the greater Naperville area.



"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood."  -Fred Rogers 


At ChildsPlay, we make the most of every playful situation. Offering Early Childhood Music Classes for children ages birth to 7 years, we make the most of this incredible time of learning by keeping things fun! The bulk of our classes are taught with children from 0-5 in the same class, which keeps the climate playful and the parents and kids engaged in a comfortable, musical setting. 

Our Big Kids Music, Ukulele Classes, and Piano Classes offer a wonderful way for kids 4-7 to stay in the play loop AND begin building the foundations of formal music education. Central to our philosophy is the clear knowledge that music is a joy-filled, expressive process. Learning is always fun when each child's learning style is honored; here we teach music by playing, jumping, singing, listening, observing, creating, and laughing. :)

Join us and see how much fun musical learning can be! 








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